Eddy Vitalone

Eddy Vitalone is a French artist born in 1984 in Moulins. It was in the 2000s that we began to hear about him, he was then 16 years old. In a more singular approach to “raw outsider” painting, he begins to chain exhibitions. His meeting with Luis Marcel, famous Art Brut dealer, gave him the opportunity to exhibit at a very young age alongside the greatest at the Musée de L’art en marche in Lapalisse (03), as part of group exhibitions, international fairs and fairs such as “Art Verona” in Italy. For two years, Eddy has imposed a daily rhythm of painting. He has surrounded himself with merchants, art galleries and online sales platforms to distribute and sell his work in France and abroad. His painting is funny, lively, dynamic. She met on stage the characters of comics or cartoons from her childhood. Eddy mixes universes and characters and thus creates his animated world where we often meet Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, Picsou, Jessica Rabbit, Bip Bip and the Coyote or even Bugs Bunny.